COVID-19: An update from the COVID Leads

COVID-19 update from COVID leads

You have all read and digested stack loads of information from many places on the effects of COVID 19, particularly when you should wear your mask.

We all know the answer to that and why should any part of your work environment be any different to visiting your supermarket? You would not go in there without firstly putting your mask on, sanitising your hands and checking your basket has been cleaned. I am sure like us, you stare and wonder why a person is not wearing a mask anddo your best to keep socially distanced? So why are we any different in EEAST?

The majority of our colleagues are faithfully doing their bit and following all of the guidelines, and for that we thank you; however for those that need that extra bit of convincing then please read on.

As a group of COVID Leads, we come from a variety of roles across the Trust, but our aim is the same. We are successfully protecting our service from COVID -19 by breaking chains of transmission through testing, rapidly contact tracing and self-isolating individuals who have been at risk of infection and outbreak management. This helps prevent the spread of the virus and save lives. We know this can be overwhelming and like you we are living and breathing the effects of COVID-19; a difference is for us is we are often hearing the suffering of our own colleagues and the fear that they face for themselves and their families. We support them all with care and compassion, often directing them to support services and wellbeing and in some cases even helping with their shopping when they are alone.

We are clearly in a second wave, and prior to October our last positive case was in mid-July 2020, but the 1st October 2020 hit and all that has changed. To date we have 46 cumulative COVID positive cases and this is growing by the day across the Trust. We have had our first case of a double positive result and some of our colleagues are still unwell from having COVID-19 in the first wave.  Generally, we have 15 positive cases ongoing in any one day. 20 plus colleagues are stood down as a contact of an index case, or has been asked to self-isolate or stood down through simply not wearing a mask in a cab, socially distancing through meal breaks, standing too close in smoking shelters or not wiping down surfaces.

Please remember your own local restrictions, as we head into Halloween and bonfire night and keep you and your families safe. Our Trust is following all Government guidelines as fast as they are changing every step of the way and supplying any PPE that we need.

It is not just operational staff that need to adhere to all the measures we have put in place, it is everyone who is employed by our Trust. All non-operational, support staff and external visitors must have their temperature taken when visiting any station/office and wear a mask in corridors and when unable to social distance.

We are not here to lecture you but to ask you, do you really want to take the risk for you and your family and friends?

As COVID Leads we are there to help your management teams to help and support you. These are exceptional times; we are all in this together and we will get through this as we always do as one big team.

Your COVID Leads are there to guide and support you and are happy to help at any time and we offer support whatever the time or day.

Thursday 29 October 2020


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Then why are our HEOCs and TOC now refusing time to decontaminate vehicles, making them OOS availabel... chasing crews to get them done faster (ie short cutting), MRO teams operating different standards than what they were earlier in the year (ie they used to clean wearing full PPE but it now appears gloves a paper mask and a bucket that has mopped previous trucks with to get them turned around faster is the order of the day!
29 October 2020

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