COVID-19 Decision making process

During the course of the pandemic, we shall, as a Trust, take decisions to provide a response to issues that we would not usually make – this may be a variation away from policy, purchase of additional equipment directly due to COVID-19, or the decision to stop something.

It is absolutely essential from an oversight perspective that these decisions are captured, and that they have Director oversight and authorisation.

There is a short decision log template that needs to be completed. It can be found here.

Please ensure that this template is completed for the following:

  • Any spend directly related to COVID, i.e. expenditure that you would not normally be making
  • A decision being made directly as a result of COVID-19, that you would not usually make. For example
    • Deviation from policy
    • Amended/new process

This is not the correct process for teams requesting IT equipment such as laptops – these requests must be undertaken via the IT service desk as usual, and IM&T will complete any decision templates for expenditure in relation to IT equipment, and will prioritise orders according to our pandemic planning.

Where the decision relates to a new process or deviation from an existing process, it is important that a risk assessment is undertaken to ensure that this is the correct approach. The form can be found here.

Once the template is completed you must ensure you have your Director’s approval for the decision.

Once this is complete, please send the form to Emma de Carteret, Head of Governance for logging. If it also relates to a COVID-19 expenditure, also send it to Heather Madden and Lauren Smith in the finance team.

You cannot enact the decision without Director approval.

It is essential that this process is followed in order that we are able to ensure that the decisions we are taking are in line with our overall pandemic approach, and to enable us to recover COVID-19 related costs.


Thank you

Marcus Bailey                  Kevin Smith                      Emma de Carteret                        Heather Madden

Chief Operating              Director of                        Head of Governance                    Head of Finance

Officer                               Finance &



Published 27 March 2020


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