COVID-19: new variant update

You will have seen in the media and through updates that there is variant strain of COVID appeared which is under review from a treatment, transmission and IPC perspective at a national/local level. While this is fast moving it is believed to be more infectious and potentially spread more easily from person to person.

It is not believed that the transmission route has changed and following a review the UK IPC Cell and Public Health have determined there is no need to change the IPC/ PPE precautions in response to the emerging evidence of this new strain.  There is no new guidance on treatment but an important assessment and monitoring of patients is oxygen saturations levels combined with baseline observations.

Therefore it was agreed that there should be no changes to the PPE recommendations as currently set out in the guidance until more evidence/data is available. The review of the first strain of COVID-19 has identified correct PPE use with patients, handwashing, cleaning and the other COVID secure measures (social distancing) are the most effective response to protect yourselves, patients and family.

A key focus at this time is to continue to practice the COVID secure principles including wearing of face masks while on stations and in vehicles to maintain protection throughout.

Friday 25th December 2020