Clinical Update: COVID-19 Response

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Advanced Care Plans, Treatment Plans, DNACPR and ReSPECT Forms.

During this extraordinary time, it is important that we continue to act in the best interests of the patient, using all available information.

Please remember to check for Advanced Care Plans, Treatment Plans, DNACPR and ReSPECT forms.

If in doubt, and you have time, ask the patient or carer and/or check the Summary Care Record or speak to the patient’s own GP.

As face-to-face conversations reduce as Primary and Community Services work virtually to protect ‘at risk’ patients these forms may be completed over the phone/videoconferencing and a copy sent to the patient.

When this is the case the signature may be an electronic signature - it is still equally valid.

Remember also that the documents may still be valid if they:

  • are in black and white
  • are a photocopy of the original
  • are on a different form (for example, not on an East of England form).

If in doubt and you have time, ask for support from the Clinical Advice Line or the patient’s own GP/out of hours service/NHS 111 HCP support lines.

Please remember:

  • Consider all options before conveying
  • Clear advice with appropriate safety-netting must be given to patients, carers or family and documented in the patient record.

Thank you,                                

Dr Tom Davis, Medical Director                                   

This clinical update can be downloaded as a PDF using the link below.

Published 8th April 2020

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