Covid-19 Vaccination update


The Covid-19 vaccination of the elderly population is well underway and this priority will continue throughout next week in the build-up to Christmas.

The Government allocation of vaccines meant that 95% of those being distributed HAD to be used on the over 80s, care home residents and care home staff; cohorts 1 and 2a.

The remaining 5% could be used on acute staff that were delivering the vaccine but also high-risk staff in the acutes and partnering Trusts such as ICU, ITU, geriatric wards and some EEAST staff where capacity is identified within that 5%.

This allocation is being very closely monitored for deviation and is reportable back to NHSE.  We are working closely with all our acute Trusts partners to get high risk and shielding staff vaccinated as soon as possible as part of this initial phased 5% where vaccines are available.

If you are shielding or on the high-risk list held locally, you may be contacted by an acute site over the next few weeks to see if you are available to go in and receive your vaccine.

All EEAST staff, both patient facing and support staff, will be eligible for vaccination along with all other Health Care Workers as the project moves to stage 2b. Indications suggest this will be from the first week in January and as soon as confirmation is received, we will update you.

As part of this preparation will include the method of how to book yourselves in for the vaccine and all those that will want it will need to have completed the Vaccine Site form ( Vaccination Site Selection form ), so the acutes know you are EEAST-affiliated staff and eligible for vaccination. Once you have booked your vaccine and had you first jab, please then complete the Vaccine form Vaccination Record form so that we can report this to NHS England, but, more importantly, so we can update you Occupational health and GP records for you.

We appreciate that this has taken longer than anticipated since the release but the Government had to prioritise the limited number of vaccinations they had. HCWs are still very high on the list and the go-live date is only now just round the corner and your patience is very much appreciated.

Friday 18 December 2020