COVID-19 workplace guidelines: no sharing of food

Government COVID-19 guidelines mean we must forego sharing food this Christmas

Staff are reminded that no sharing of food and drink should take place in the workplace.

This measure, along with other Government guidance on making workplaces Covid secure, is in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission which is rising sharply in this region and across the UK.

Staff should also refrain from hosting group Christmas breakfasts and dinners at the station.

During the Christmas period the public often bring gifts of food to ambulances stations or hand to crews during their shift and we are asking staff to deal with this pragmatically while sticking to the guidelines.

For example, consider declining respectively and explain the reasons as to why this year is different.  If the public are insistent, local consideration of how to share out the accepted food must be in line with the government guidelines to help reduce transmission of COVID-19.

Staff are also reminded to adhere fastidiously to the guidance on working safely during the pandemic. A useful poster produced by the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives which details this guidance around the wearing masks and social distancing can be found on East24.

Monday 21 December 2020