CQC workshops for managers

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Following on from the success of our previous workshops, we are now offering all managers the opportunity to participate in a number of voluntary workshops, managed by key individuals from different areas within the Trust.

We have a responsibility to ensure that we offer all our managers the necessary support to fulfil their role to the best of their ability. When we talk about CQC preparedness and our long term Fit for the Future initiative, we want to ensure that all our managers have the support and knowledge to be able to participate in these discussions and talk through key aims with their teams.

The voluntary workshops, managed by key individuals from different areas within the Trust, will provide an overview of each key area and an opportunity for managers to gain better understanding and confidence around each of the themes.

These workshops are intended to support better understanding of the leadership aspects of well led and governance. They are best suited to Deputy Directors, Heads of and those leading teams. However, anyone in a management position is welcome to attend to learn more about the approaches and the work that is underway.

Head of Governance, Emma De Carteret said, ‘The introduction of these workshops in September was really successful, helping to support the work we are doing in terms of CQC preparedness, but more importantly they provided managers with the opportunity to have an open session with us on risk, governance and the long term Fit for the Future improvement programme. These are all key topics and it’s really important that, as managers, we not only understand them but also have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss them, to be able to articulate them to our teams. As a result we have added more dates throughout October and November, including adding 3 specific sessions on culture, leadership and communications in response to these emerging as themes in previous sessions’

Each workshop lasts for an hour. Please book all workshops on Evolve here. 

Date  Time  Topic  Lead

23 November



Kate Hall/Emma de Carteret

25 November



Kate Hall/Emma de Carteret

29 November


Fit for the Future

Kate Hall


Please book all workshops on Evolve here.

Published October 14th 2021

Updated 23rd November 2021

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