Crew Resource Management – working effectively in high-stress situations

Emergency Response

Our work in the ambulance service is often carried out under stressful conditions, and this can affect our thinking, decision making and – critically– how we communicate with others.

Studies at NASA and in aviation have found we all have similar ways of processing information, which can be good, but which if the situation goes wrong, can be very bad.
If we can understand how we process information, how it leads us to make decisions, and how this all affects us as people, we can work smarter to keep patients safe.

Crew Resource Management (CRM) is about making sure that you and your team are working as effectively as possible in high-stress situations, effectively using all the tools we have at our disposal to influence an effective outcome.

This online tool from the Patient Safety team explains more about CRM and gives tips for improving situational awareness.

Crew Resource Management.


Published 25th July 2019


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