Cuddle pockets rolled out further and updated information

Cuddle Pocket

We have worked with our private ambulance service (PAS) colleagues to roll out cuddle pockets to their frontline vehicles.

Cuddle pockets were launched across EEAST last December to allow the dignified transportation of miscarried and stillborn babies to hospital. The knitted and lined pockets are designed for babies who are less than 24 weeks.

As a result of feedback from crews we are adding the following onto the bereavement/how to use the cuddle pocket leaflet for clarity:

How to use

Once the cord is clamped and cut from the placenta, gently pat dry the baby before placing into a cuddle pocket.

Use the ribbon to secure them inside. Dependant on the style of cuddle pocket, either tie the ribbon from side to side or use the drawstring to pull, and then tie in the middle. If required, fold the top over the baby, to make an envelope. 

The baby’s parents are then encouraged to hold their baby during the journey. The cuddle pockets allow the ambulance crew to give care in a sensitive way and assure parents that their babies are being treated with the utmost respect.

The cuddle pockets have been made by volunteers and are on all EEAST frontline vehicles and have been rolled out to PAS vehicles from today (4 October).

For more information or to watch a video about the cuddle pockets, please click here. You can read feedback from staff who have used the pockets here. If you have any feedback, please email  

We understand that this is a sensitive issue and would urge you to contact EEAST’s Wellbeing Service, the Miscarriage Association or Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity (SANDS) if you have been affected by baby loss.

Published 4th October 2021