Cyber Security – Using IT Systems

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Here at EEAST, we take cyber security very seriously and with more of us now working from home, this becomes even more pertinent.

Not only does cyber security protect you, your work and our organisational systems, it can ensure business continuity issues do not arise or are at least minimised.

Over the last 12 months, telecommunications and information technology usage has increased and consequently, major outages have been seen in many countries. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) incidents have also been rife throughout the pandemic, with criminals exploiting the fact that organisations have had to concentrate IT resources on implementing remote working.

 In order for EEAST to maintain its excellent record of cyber security, the following guidance has been developed to keep you and EEAST safe from this particular threat.


Report anything you perceive to be a security breach to the IT department.

Keep all IT equipment safe from loss or theft.

Log laptops onto the Trust network AT LEAST once a month.

Shutdown or restart all computers at the end of the working day (Note: does not apply to remote users).

Check with recipients of sensitive emails that their email system is sufficiently secure.

Think carefully about the content of emails, nothing defamatory or offensive.

Store all data in network drives, or Trust provided encrypted USB memory sticks.

Regularly undertake housekeeping of emails and files.



 Divulge your logon details to anyone, for any reason.

 Allow non-Trust people to use your IT equipment under any circumstances.

 Leave IT equipment in plain sight when unattended, in particular near open windows, etc.

 Attempt to install or alter any software or hardware on Trust equipment.

 Attempt to use any non-Trust owned equipment on Trust systems without seeking permission from IT.

 Pass data on to any 3rd party that is not approved, and only then by approved methods.

 Store any sensitive data on non-Trust owned equipment.

Use email for urgent communications. 

Attempt to access, or download, inappropriate content on the internet.

Use Trust communications equipment for personal use (except for emergencies).


This list is not exhaustive. Please ensure you have read and understood the policies listed on East24. 

If you are unsure about any aspect of the use of IT systems, please contact the IT Service Desk or call 0345 601 2509

Published 19th May 2021