Data Privacy Day 2021

Computer update

This week, the world celebrated Data Privacy Day (28th January 2021). This day helps to generate interest and remind people to have increased awareness around data privacy and the importance of keeping personal information safe. This is a reminder for both sides of your life - professional and personal.

The following should be thought about all the time, not just on a day like Data Privacy Day!

Best Practice

1 – Know what is considered personal information

Personal information is information that can identify an individual, such as name, address, driving licence number, medical history, IP address of a home etc.

2 – Beware of phishing attempts

  • Phishing email attacks can trick individuals into completing any number of actions.
  • Remember to check/verify the senders identity.
  • Never click on links you think are suspicious or not expecting.
  • Always send potential phishing emails received to

3 – Don’t be tricked by vishing and smishing

Smishing – text messages – e.g. text messages encouraging you to click a link about your ‘missed parcel delivery’

Vishing – voice messages – e.g. people pose as bank staff to gain access to your private banking accounts

4 – Report all email scams

Always send potential phishing emails received to

5 – Remember to check who you are emailing

If you email the wrong person with personal information within the email – Log a Datix straight away and inform the Information Governance team.

6 – Using public WI-FI

This is a risky decision, if you are on public WI-FI with your personal devices, do not use any online banking apps during this time. If a hacker has compromised the network, you could be sending them your data.

Published 30th January 2021