Data Quality – Correcting Reporting Errors


A fundamental principle of data quality is that data should be right first time, which means that the responsibility is at the point at which it is collected and recorded, whether the recorder is clinical, technical or administrative” - Trust's Data Quality Policy

All data that is recorded on a Trust system should be accurate at the point of collection. This applies to anyone who records data as part of their role, from AOC staff taking calls and dispatching resources to clinical staff completing telephone triage or attending patients.

When errors do occur, the data quality team within IM&T identifies and resolves them as quickly as possible in conjunction with the AOC, ops and information teams.

Retrospective amendment to remove a reporting error is possible, but must go through a rigorous internal governance process to identify the cause of the reporting error (system or user error) and whether any retrospective amendment is justifiable, can be evidenced and is within the guidelines of the Ambulance Quality Indicators (AQIs).

What to do if there’s a problem

If you think you have identified a potential error, whether it’s a reporting issue with incident/resource data or a problem with a report issued by the information team, please raise a query via

The data quality team will review your request within 48 working hours (Mon-Fri) and, if necessary, feedback whether any further action is to be taken.

Please remember, any changes must be evidenced (through alternative data or telephone/radio recordings) and explained before the amendment is processed. Data quality will then seek validation from the relevant AOC/ops management team.

Data causing reporting errors cannot be removed in order to remove the reporting issue unless suitable justification is provided. Due to the complexities of the AQIs it is not always possible to resolve every query, although some can be fixed manually by the data quality team, others may need to be submitted to the system provider for amendment, which can cause delays.

In addition, some amendments and common errors have detailed processes, signed off through internal governance processes. These are available on request.

Please email the data quality team for further information.

Published 1st July 2020

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