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The Clinical Quality Systems team (CQS) would like to share with you 5 top tips for best practice when using the Datix system:

1. Saving:

Please remember to press the ‘Save’ button to save any changes you have made to the record using either the Save button at the bottom of the record or the save icon in the floating tool bar .


2. Exiting a Record:

Click on the ‘Cancel’ button to exit a record once you have completed your task within the record. If a record is not exited correctly, the system will think you are still using the record and it will become locked by you and remain unavailable for access by other members of staff.

The cancel button appears at the bottom of the record. 

Alternatively you can exit a record by clicking on the Cancel icon in the floating tool bar. 

3. Logging off Datix:

Please remember to log off between each session once you have finished with the system. To do this, please click on the Logout button in the top left of your screen when logged into Datix:


This is also the case when you are accessing multiple records from any automatic e-mails generated from the Datix system. It is tempting to use the link in each e-mail in succession, however not logging off from the system between each access attempt will cause system slowness and issues with saving changes you have made in records.

4. Opening Records in your Internet Browser:

 Please do not use Datix in more than one window or tab at a time, this may cause errors when submitting an incident to the system or when saving data to a record.

5. Transferring records from one management area to another:

When transferring a Datix record to another area using the fields shown in the screenshot below, once you have done so, please use the ‘Send an email’ facility within the system to notify the manager of the area you are moving the incident to (i.e. GM/AGM) so that they are aware that a record has been passed to them.


Clinical Quality Systems Team

Published 9th February 2019

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