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Since Tuesday 9th July 2019, A&E operational staff, who work in Bedfordshire and Luton, have been taking part in a trial which means for a temporary basis, they no longer have to call Day One to book sick or when booking fit to return to work. 

Instead, staff are asked to call their local management team, via a dedicated mobile phone number, so that their Leading Operations Manager (LOM) or Assistant General Manager (AGM) can offer immediate support and gain a better understanding of why the employee is not fit for duty.

Managers will also be able to gauge how long the period of sickness is expected to last and make the necessary referrals to occupational health and wellbeing services, where appropriate. Any sickness discussed with a LOM, will remain confidential amongst the local management team and with any occupational health or wellbeing providers, with staff consent.

Prior to go live, consultation was undertaken with the local management teams, human resources, rostering services, trust internal communications team, and Unison to ensure a seamless transition and that any risks or perceived challenges were removed. 

Communications were also distributed locally, including the relevant phone numbers to call for staff who work from ambulance stations in Bedfordshire and Luton.

Simon King, Head of Operations for Bedfordshire and Luton said:

“I hope that all colleagues see this trial as a positive move, to enable them to gain support from their own managers who know them better than most. We will review the trial after four weeks, to identify what improvements may be required and also measure any successes. We will also be requesting feedback from those who have booked sick during the trial, as part of their return to work interviews.”

For any member of staff who booked sick with Day One before the trial commenced and continues to be sick, they must still call the Day One service to update.

This trial will run for six weeks, from 9am on Tuesday 9th July until 5pm Monday 19th August 2019.   

Published 15th July 2019

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