Declutter the stress out of your new year!

Side of RRV with lozenge

Decluttering – it’s a term that involves us making choices about what to keep and what to get rid of.

The term usually refers to the objects in our home and work spaces, but it can extend to other elements of our lives. For example, the friends that we keep or which activities we spend our time on etc.

Many studies have shown that excessive clutter and chaotic surroundings can negatively affect performance, concentration and can lead to a lot of stress. By simply decluttering, it can offer us a way of establishing a sense of calm and order in our busy lives.

Our Employee Assistance Programme, the CiC, has released a new help sheet, offering a look at the benefits of decluttering and advice on how to approach it. Do visit to download a copy (login using the details: user name - EEASTlogin / password - wellbeing.)

Change your wellbeing and make the new year as stress free as possible!

Published 7th January, 2016

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