Dignity and Respect campaign launch

Launch of our Dignity and Respect campaign

The Trust has joined the national NHS call to action to prevent bullying in the workplace. 

In recent years the Trust has undertaken a cultural audit and triangulated these findings with findings from the staff survey to understand what the key issues are facing our people.  Based on these findings much work has been undertaken to address areas for improvement these include new leadership development approaches, revised appraisal process, the launch of FTSU guardians, the development of equality and diversity interventions such as the All Women in EEAST group and the launch of the wellbeing strategy and Hub. 

Through the cultural audit we identified that violence and aggression towards staff from patients or members of the public had a hugely negative impact on our staff and we launched the #dontchoosetoabuse campaign which was a huge success. 

However, whilst we all acknowledge that it is not acceptable to face abuse or harassment from our patients, we still continue to see some staff experience bullying and harassment in the workplace.  2017 Staff survey results tell us that 20% of staff who completed the survey experienced bullying and harassment from colleagues and 21% from managers.  It is of concern that despite improvements in staff raising concerns about patient safety issues, 62% of staff who experienced bullying and harassment didn’t report it. 

Robert Morton says “It is not acceptable for any member of EEAST staff to experience any form of bullying or harassment in the workplace.  As a Leadership team we take a Zero tolerance approach to bullying and harassment and have made this explicit in our Leadership Charter

The Trust will not accept any bullying and harassment of its staff, regardless of their position or role in the organisation.  We have all committed to the don’t choose to abuse campaign which highlighted the need to prevent violence and aggression from patients and the public towards our staff.  If we don’t accept such behaviour from external sources why would we accept it in our workplace?

We want all of our staff to be safe and supported at work and to feel that they are able to speak up should they experience or witness any form of bullying and harassment. 

The first step to stamping out such behaviour completely is to say no and if you do not feel strong enough to do so, seek out support to help you do so. That’s why we are launching this campaign.  Please join us in pledging to stamp out bullying in EEAST.

Remember #weareEEAST  and we don’t choose to abuse each other.

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Published 23rd March 2018

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