Disposable Single Use Head Blocks and Pelvic Splints

As part of the ongoing work being undertaken by the Product Alignment Group (PAG) we are constantly reviewing and validating the equipment we use.

Following successful trials and positive feedback from our frontline staff the organisation has approved the move to disposable single use head blocks and pelvic splints.

These will replace the current reusable, hook n loop (Velcro) fixings head blocks and the various sizes of SAM splints for a single size pelvic splint from Prometheus. You can find more information on the new pelvic splint on our 'how to use' guide, which can also be downloaded below.

Prometheus pelvic splint


Single use head block

The head blocks benefit from a self-explanatory application and are widely used in the prehospital setting.

We advise you to watch these videos on Spinal Immobilization Supine Patient and How To Apply The Prometheus Pelvic Splint (Tactical) for familiarisation and to illustrate the correct application. One size will be used for both adults and paediatrics.

Samples of pelvic binders and head blocks and pelvic splints have been sent out to all AGM areas so that the kit is available to staff to allow them adequate time to acquaint themselves with them. We aim to make the transition to the new headblocks and pelvic splints week commencing 13th July 2020.

There are various ways in which the familiarisation of the new kit can be done with staff.

Opportunities include:

  • During your start of shift huddles.
  • In your weekly AGM newsletter to staff.
  • Have them readily available on the Essential Skills course.
  • Have them available in crew rooms.

If you have any questions, please email QI@eastamb.nhs.uk

Published 19th June 2020

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