Diverting mental health patients away from Emergency Departments

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At the request of NHS England, Mental Health Trusts have developed an emergency department diversion pathway to reduce, where possible, mental health patients being conveyed to acute hospitals where no physical health need is identified.

Across our six counties, we have now been given access to these via a clinical conversation prior to conveying.

The mental health team will, in the first instance, look to see if they can support you and the patient to remain at their current location with Crisis/Community Mental Health team support.

For that small number of patients where this is not possible an alternate location will be offered as a destination.

The posters and aide-memoir (downloadable below) highlight the contact numbers across the Trust by county.

The diversion pathways have been established at pace, and although the Mental Health Trusts are keen to support us, we must recognise there may well be some teething problems due to the current challenges we are all facing. Please remember that Mental Health teams are under pressure as we are.

They respond to the presenting mental health need across the region and they will look to support you to keep all safe and support you in your ask.

Numbers for the ED diversion pathways are all on MiDoS along with the other wellbeing pathways that the Mental Health Trusts are operating to support patients in the community.

If you would like to share any feedback regarding your experience of the ED diversion pathways please duncan.moore@eastamb.nhs.uk 

Updated 23rd April 2020
Published 20th April 2020

Mental Health ED Divert Poster - Beds and Luton

Mental Health ED Divert Poster - Hertfordshire

Mental Health ED Divert Poster - Cambridgeshire

Mental Health ED Divert Poster - Suffolk

Mental Health ED Divert Poster - Norfolk

Mental Health ED Divert Poster - Essex

Mental Health ED Divert Aid Memoir

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