Do not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation [DNACPR] forms

Woman filling in form

In the east of England, there is a standard DNACPR policy and form which was rolled out to all sectors and care settings in 2011; the standardised form means a DNACPR order is readily transferable and recognisable between ourselves, hospital trusts, community trusts, GP practices, hospices and care homes.

This should serve as a reminder to what DNACPR forms can be accepted.

Providing the form is in date (please be aware ‘indefinite DNACPR’ orders do not have an expiry date) and it contains the original signature of the responsible officer, e.g. patient’s consultant or GP, you can:

- accept any DNACPR form
- accept the form in any colour
- accept the form with or without the red border.

Published 9th October 2014

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