Documenting manual handling on patient care records

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Please remember to record the manual handling equipment in the free text box on the EPCR and paper patient care records (PCRs).

Documenting what equipment has been used will demonstrate that a dynamic risk assessment has been undertaken and appropriate plans have been put in place to reduce the risk of injury to patient and staff.

Documenting patient contact on PCRs allows for an accurate accountability for what happened during patient contact, by recording all interventions in detail in case this is ever required in the future.

Detailing what happened is crucial, but it is also good practice to write down any interventions which were not undertaken and the reason why. This will show that the equipment has been considered and ruled out for a valid reason in the event of either the patient or staff member coming to harm.

The patient care record may be requested in order to assist with complaints and defend claims and it is very important to make sure all information including an accurate account of what happened has been documented in case this is needed in the future.

Requests for records and statements may happen months after when the incident happened, so to have a detailed patient care record to reference back to, including what equipment was used, will help the crew involved.

Published 21st September 2019

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