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A number of recent serious incidents have not been reported on Datix, meaning a delay in the investigation, a lack of learning and on occasions, the same incident being repeated.

It is essential that staff, including managers, ensure that any incident is reported within 24 hours of it happening.

An incident can be defined as something unexpected that has happened, which resulted in patient dissatisfaction, injury to a patient, visitor or member of staff or loss or harm to the Trust or its property. Clinical adverse incidents are events or circumstances arising during NHS care that could have, or did, lead to unintended or unexpected harm, loss or damage.

Some examples of incidents that would need to be reported on the Datix system include:

  • patient became aggressive towards crew
  • patient given incorrect dosage of medication
  • staff member pulling a muscle whilst lifting a patient
  • patient information lost/misplaced
  • equipment malfunctions whilst being used to treat a patient
  • delay in attendance which could have resulted in harm to a patient
  • a patient fall or injury
  • allegations of abuse, from a patient or a staff member.

Incidents can be reported via East24, through the link on the Toughbook or by calling single point of contact (SPOC) on 0845 602 6856 (lines open 24/7), where a call handler with intranet access will be able to submit the incident on behalf of the reporter.

In order for an investigation to be thorough and efficient, the following accurate information is needed:

  • incident time and date
  • location of where the incident occurred
  • incident number, where possible and if applicable
  • details of all people involved, including the reporter (in ‘persons affected’ section, not in the ‘incident description’)
  • a detailed and factual account of what happened, what the concerns are and what outcome the reporter would like to see. This needs to include the impact the incident has had and whether there is any clear harm that has come about as a direct result.

If you would like more information, please visit the incidents page on East24.

Published 4th April 2015 

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