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Polo shirts

We're pleased to announce that Trust polo shirts may now be worn all year round.

After feedback from staff, and working in partnership with elected UNISON representative Jeff Pitman, we introduced polo shirts to the Trust uniform this summer, which have been received well across the region. A review has now been completed with further feedback, meaning they can now be worn throughout the year.

Kevin Brown, Director of Service Delivery, said: "We were excited to see how these shirts would be received by our staff, and the results were compelling.

“It's great to make the shirts a permanent option all year round.  The current polo shirts are on a national contract and as soon as we are able, we are keen to develop an EEAST polo shirt that is designed by you and of an overall better quality. More on that in due course. The rest of the uniform will be reviewed over the next few months."

Further details about the amount of uniform will be shared in the new year.


Winter jackets

The Trust’s new winter jackets will be with staff before Christmas.

The new Keela jackets are in the process of being shipped, and deliveries are due before Christmas in all areas for front-line staff.  On their arrival, they will be delivered to main hub stations and distributed from there.

The light weight hi-vis overlay should now have also been ordered by your local administrators, to go over the jacket, ready for their arrival. It's then at the discretion of the individual as to what layers they use, based on the temperature/weather and the requirement for PPE in line with the Trust policy.

Another batch of jackets will be ordered in the new year for staff who were unable to order one earlier due to being away from work or being new to the Trust. This is due to the manufacturing taking place in Sri Lanka in large quantities, it was necessary to have a cut-off date for the first order to allow them to be processed and shipped.

Any further requirements that the Trust has will be accommodated by a different process next year. This will include the availability of the new jackets to any university students on placement with EEAST. Sizing for our university students will be picked up in the new year also.

If you have any questions, please speak to your manager in the first instance.


Published 5th December 2018

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