Dynamic Activation Points

Ambulance Side Angle

With the changes experienced through social distancing and essential service availability during COVID-19 a number of our standby locations and dynamic activation points (DAPs) are not available with the facilities.

We have considered the need to maintain and support the deployment of ambulances in order to achieve responses to our patients, in particular those with high acuity needs. In light of this, we have discussed with UNISON and agreed temporary changes to the current agreement in respect of these locations and they will all be treated as DAPs for the duration of the Covid-19 restrictions, with the following additional measures. 

  1. Any crews being deployed to DAPs which are no longer functioning as a result of the Covid-19 restrictions, should be given sufficient time to use the facilities at their current location before mobilising.

  2. If already mobile, and the crew need the use of facilities, they will be allowed to stop on route or to divert off route to facilities, before continuing to stand by at a DAP which has no access to facilities.

  3. Once the crew are at the DAP if they require facilities they will be allowed to leave and use the nearest available facilities.

  4. The crew must only be deployed to a DAP that has no access to facilities for a maximum period of 45 minutes, (as per current guidelines) unless crew are willing to remain there on a voluntary basis post this time. Otherwise, at the end of that 45 minutes they will be sent to a response post or Standby point.


Published 29th April 2020


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