ePCR milestones reached

More than 2,500 iPads have now been delivered across the Trust as part of the roll out of our new electronic patient care record (ePCR).

So far, colleagues in Bedfordshire have created 5,619 records using Siren Nova, while 1,028 staff have received training.

Work is now taking place to resolve issues which have been identified during the Bedfordshire pilot before roll-out dates for the rest of the Trust are confirmed. This includes:

  • Testing the updated version of Siren Notification Board which is used in acute hospitals.
  • Waiting to receive the updated version of Siren Nova which has some new features which will help clinical processes.

Staff in all six counties have now received devices and have given the project team some really positive feedback. Key highlights include:

  • Pre-installed clinical applications have been well received and have been of great benefit when treating and assessing patients.
  • The ability to capture information via a photograph saves a lot of time, especially when documenting multiple pages of repeat prescriptions.
  • Easy access to intranet pages whilst off-site makes it easier to keep up to date with important bulletins or clinical information.
  • The ability to have multiple users working on a copy of the same ePCR has decreased time spent finishing documentation, which means we can get back onto the roads to serve our communities much faster than with the Windows-based system.

Published 14th May 2021