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Staff wishing to provide feedback about incidents they’ve attended that have been through an Emergency Clinical Advice and Triage Centre (ECAT) triage, can now do so on a new dedicated email address.

ECAT Clinicians are a made up of healthcare professionals (nurses, paramedics, ECP’s and soon mental health nurses) and work regionally out of the Trust’s three AOC sites.

ECAT clinicians are supported by a team of administrators that arrange alternative care pathways for patients, answer the Clincal Advice Line  (CAL) and carry out other non-clinical tasks.
All staff members work together to ensure patients receive the most appropriate level of care.

The Frequent Caller Team, Single Point of Contact (SPOC), Directory of Service (DOS) Team, CAD Markers Team and the ECAT Audit and Training team also fall within the ECAT umbrella.
ECAT staff also attend national clinical focus groups in order to develop telephone triage across UK and Ireland.

In 2019:

  • ECAT Clinicians triaged 65,178 calls and referred 36,845 of these (56%) to alternative care pathways
  • Clinical Coordinators and Immediate Triage Clinicians referred 9,454 to alternative care pathways
  • 999 Call Handlers closed off 4,404 though their call handler Hear and Treat codes
  • We gave ‘No Send’ instructions on 25,643 calls.

This is a total of 6.59% Hear and Treat and 3.3% No send.
Which in total means ECAT and the Call Handlers saved 9.92% of calls from getting an unecessary ambulance response and referred these patients to an appropriate alternative care pathway.

We collate and review the 111 reviews entered into the CAD via the Terrafix in vehicle or via dispatch, so please keep flagging these calls to us by entering 111REV with a reason why you are concerned.

If you would like to provide feedback, ask a question or simply get in touch with us, please do this via our email address
Please specify the CAD number, date and the query/concern.
This will be addressed by a Clinical Coordinator and feedback will be provided.
Feedback will be given after listening to the call and/or reading the notes on CAD/LowCode.

Alternative pathway guidance can be found through MiDoS, if you do not have a MiDoS account please contact

If you wish to find out more about ECAT or spend time in ECAT please email

Vacancy information is available at:

The FAQ for common queries asked about ECAT can be downloaded below.


Published 6th March 2020


pdfECAT FAQ v1.0 (0.15 MB)

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