EEAST Vitamin D survey results

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The recent vitamin D survey was developed to understand ambulance staff awareness and risk of vitamin D deficiency. Common signs of deficiency include increased infections and risk of illness; fatigue and tiredness; bone, back or muscle pain; depression; low bone mineral density; and hair loss.

Research Support Services (RSS) received an amazing 384 responses from staff across the Trust.

Key survey findings:

  • Knowledge of factors affecting vitamin D production in the skin, good vitamin D food sources, and individuals at risk of deficiency were variable.
  • The majority of respondents felt they got insufficient sunlight exposure when at work.
  • Many stated they were concerned about having vitamin D deficiency.
  • Almost one in five reported to have had vitamin D deficiency.
  • Demographic information provided indicated all staff can potentially be at risk of deficiency.
  • 40% of respondents reported to take vitamin D supplements, however, most had not considered doing this.

Since shift-working, indoor working and the healthcare professions have been associated a higher risk of vitamin D deficiency, the findings of this survey support the need for increased vitamin D awareness and the development of further wellbeing resources.

The RSS are planning to submit the survey findings for publication and will look for research funding to continue work in this area.

Further information about vitamin D and health can be found here:

Vitamin D-Vitamins and minerals

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Published 9th September 2020



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