EEAST’s AWE network launch new logo and video

AWE logo 2021

The AWE network would like to share their new logo, a short video about themselves and a message from the network chairs.

AWE is founded on the basis of intersectional feminism e.g. the goal of feminism is to move toward gender equality and/or justice for people of all genders. To this end, feminism investigates and challenges the forces that cause injustice or inequality. However, those forces are not the same for all women, because of other forces of oppression (homophobia, racism, classism etc.).

AWE will endeavour to ensure that whilst examining issues from a gender perspective that other perspectives are also taken into account and represented. AWE believe that by tackling gender inequality and discrimination the Trust can be a better place to work and provide better patient care and experience to the communities we serve.

The Network aims are: 

-To provide a supportive network of women from across all areas of the Trust regardless of role, location, or seniority, enabling mentoring, coaching and informal support.

-To highlight and inform the Trust of any inequalities or discrimination in service delivery or employment issues within EEAST, identifying strategies and actions to help the trust to overcome such issues.

-To support the Trust to deliver its aim of improving the representation of women in all roles within the Trust to reflect the breakdown of the workforce and the communities we serve.

-To act as a consultation forum for service and policy developments which can improve the workplace experience and benefit the whole workforce including monitoring progress against the Gender pay report and staff survey actions.

-To promote the health and wellbeing agenda for all staff with a focus on the specific wellbeing issues affecting Women throughout their employment.

-To represent the Trust at national events around Gender equality and/or organise events to raise awareness of women’s issues within the workplace, including collaboration with other Blue Light Services.

As a Women's Network we are passionate and driven with our mission. We have a duty of care to our members and the Trust as a whole to help and support in any way we can moving forward in these difficult times. AWE is here to promote and champion inclusion of all staff with EEAST, provide support and empower women to achieve their full potential.

AWE aims to encourage, enable and facilitate change within EEAST. AWE believes that by tackling gender inequality and discrimination the Trust can be a better place to work and provide better patient care and experience to the communities we serve. We look to harness the power of our women to promote social inclusion, change perceptions and influence policies.

Our mission: 

  • Promote Change: Pioneering new ideas, devising support programs acting as a bold and forward-thinking voice for change and improvement within EEAST. We believe every woman is unique and powerful in her own right, our members are our greatest strength.
  • Promote Collaborate: Fostering co-operation between individuals and organisations. All-inclusive network pioneering new ideas, making new connections to help support our members.
  • Demand Respect: We believe every woman has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. Fairness and equality for all our members is our core value.
  • Resilience: We face great challenges in our lifetimes. AWE network is focused on supporting our members by promote wellbeing and good mental health. The network aims to inspire and support our members to stand strong, be bold, take action.

If you would like to join us in the AWE network, or would like to find out further information, please email or visit our page on East24. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Published 6th May 2021