EEAST’s team of mediators CPD session with ACAS

EEAST and ACAS Mediation Team

Zoe Hutchison, People and Culture Manager, and Maria Shinn, Deputy Director for ACAS East of England, held a development day with some of the Trust’s accredited workplace mediators to discuss how mediation fits within the Trusts approach to early resolution and listening culture.

The Mediation team carry out their mediation work around their substantive posts. They are dedicated to working with colleagues to help them find their own solutions to workplace disagreements using open dialogue

Zoe Hutchison, who coordinates mediation referrals with the team of mediators, explains the benefits of mediation:

Disagreement or conflict in the workplace can be stressful and distracting, it can affect your wellbeing and take up your valuable time; it can also distract others around you from doing their job and can be stressful for them. Mediation can help you resolve your disagreement so you can get on with your life inside and outside of work.

When you are involved in a disagreement, talking to the other person can seem impossible. Mediation can re-establish those channels of communication. Any agreement is on terms agreed by you, leaving both parties in control of what is finally agreed.

Mediation can be less stressful than formal company procedures - although it is not stress free!

Mediation is completely voluntary and confidential, nothing shared with the mediator will be passed on to anyone else unless agreed by all parties and what has gone in mediation cannot normally be used in any later procedures or action.

The mediators don’t take sides or judge who is right or wrong. The objective is to focus on the future, to find improvements and to rebuild relationships. They will usually start by talking to each of the people involved in the dispute or disagreement separately and then, later on, talk with you all together. 

For more information on mediation and mediation referrals go to the East24 You Matter section or contact Zoe Hutchison, People and Culture Manager and Mediation Lead on

Published 7th January 2020

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