End of shift processes: IX trial

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The End of Shift trial will enter its 4th and final phase on 8 November.

Over Phases 2 and 3 the hospital delays that have been evident across the Trust areas have limited the trial’s impact on late finishes, but we have still gained some solid evidence that: 

  • Crews ‘green’ in their last 30 minutes have been protected from late jobs. Of approximately 16,000shifts over all phases of the trial up to 26 October only 11 resources – that we know of – were dispatched and attended scene in their last 30 mins, of which two had responded to a general broadcast or offered to keep running. 
  • There has been no or negligible patient harm. Of the 74occasions where a resource in their last 30 was the closest resource but was not dispatched (or was subsequently stood down) due to the trial, all have been assessed – in collaboration with the patient safety team - as being ‘no harm’ except for two assessed as ‘negligible harm’. 
  • A majority of crews feel that the trial has increased their confidence in clearing promptly at scene or at hospital.

Throughout the End of Shift trial, we have tried to be clear that this is the first stage in an iterative ‘Plan-Do-Study-Act’ (PDSA) process, and we will now be moving on to the next stage which will be to trial changes to the Intelligent X-Ray process. 

For some background and further information, please read the IX Trial FAQs.

If you have any questions or wish to provide feedback please email the trial team at eostrial@eastamb.nhs.uk.

Published 28th October 2021