ePCR and EEAST: where are we now?

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Many of you will have followed the ePCR project closely, and thank you to everyone who has kept in contact about its implementation and progress.

We’re really pleased to say that having had the Medusa Siren Version 4 product successfully running in North Beds for some time now, the Trust is ready to roll out the ePCR to each area on an almost weekly basis, between now and early October.

Using ePCR will allow us to achieve a Trust priority this year to:

-       effectively report clinical activity

-       reduce information governance risks and costs related to the management of paper records, which are far less secure

-       meet requirements from commissioners to use an electronic record and record NHS Number in all clinical applications

-       meet the requirement by NHS Digital for NHS organisations to be paperless by 2020.

It can be hard to migrate from using paperwork to a Toughbook when you’re not sure about how effective it is, why we should be using it, and whether it will work but, we can’t overlook the improvements we gain in managing records when they’re in a digital format, whether it is retrieving records or trying to reduce the number lost records. From a practical point of view, using a screen can help avoid handwriting being unreadable and misunderstood, and it can increase accuracy and consistently of the information contained.

This new version went live in September with more than 20 devices within the North Beds locality only.  Significant technical issues were experienced, so it was decided that further rollout had to stop until we could resolve these and other issues.

Director of Strategy and Sustainability Wayne Bartlett-Syree said: “Thank you to all the staff using Siren V4 in North Beds for your positive and encouraging  feedback; it is worth noting that the impact on operational performance was monitored locally, and there appeared to be no discernible impact on our responses to patients.

“We will be rolling out ePCR Toughbooks with a soft launch in each SLM area in a way that offers the best opportunity for success, whilst minimising impact on our day to day business. Training videos produced by Medusa will be the primary learning material and these will be shared on our LearnZone platform to improve accessibility for staff; materials used by training centre teams will also be made available, and a standalone training environment will be installed on one station PC within each SLM area so people can  familiarise themselves  and practice with it


The schedule of rollout in week order currently looks like this:

July: South Beds, East and North Herts, West Herts, West Essex

August: South Cambs, North Cambs, South West, Mid Essex, South East Essex

September: North Essex, East Suffolk, West Suffolk, West Norfolk

October:  Waveney, Norfolk East


The ePCR team will be updating FAQs, training information, and also talking with your management teams about any suggestions, concerns or issues with using Version 4. Alternatively, you can email epcrversion4@eastamb.nhs.uk.

Published 29th June, 2017

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