ePCR roll out update


As you may be aware, the rollout of Siren Nova on the iPads beyond Bedfordshire has been paused for a short time while issues identified during the pilot are resolved.

Although the Siren Nova app itself is performing well and no major problems have been reported, some issues linked to the Siren Notification Board application used by our acute hospitals have emerged. They are: 

  1. Finalising and printing records. This needs to be further streamlined as currently there are too many clicks required to complete these tasks. We are also seeing a small number of cases where records are not showing as finalised on the Siren Notification Board. We are investigating what is causing this so that it can be resolved before the roll out moves to the next area.
  2. Acute hospital readiness. The pilot has shown that all acute hospitals must be at the same stage of readiness so that we can ensure we are providing seamless patient care. We are scheduling site visits to all areas into the programme to help with this.

In addition, the pilot has also shown that staff need more time to complete e-learning and/or classroom training, and to practice using the devices.

An update on revised roll out dates for the remainder of the Trust will be available following the programme board’s next meeting on 6 May.

Published 26th April 2021