EPCR update - what you need to know

ePCR using toughbook

There will be an update to ePCR on Thursday 10th September 2020 between 2am - 6am.

Devices will be updated as an "over air" process and there is no need to recall devices. 
As a result, the Trust will be required to revert to paper care records during this time. 
Please ensure that there is sufficient paper in your vehicles and in station stores.

The update will include the following new functionality: 

  • GP Connect
  • PDS Trace
  • Auto-Calculation of NEWS 2
  • Cardiovascular Assessment
  • Controlled Drug Wastage Signature

Guidance for using the new functions can be downloaded in the PDF below.  


  • Friday 4th September 9am - The update will start to download to Toughbooks as a background activity.
    Please ensure Toughbooks are powered up and logged into Windows.
    Siren does not need to be running. Users will not see anything happening and there will be no impact.
  • Thursday 10th September 2am - There will be an outage on the ePCR Server at 2am till 6am. Users will not be able to use CAD pull or Tablet to Tablet transfer during this outage.
    Managers will not be able to use Web Viewer.
  • Thursday 10th September – 6am Outage ends and the update to the Toughbooks will be activated.
    Once the update has been fully downloaded to the Toughbook, the user will be prompted to install the release on the NEXT launch of Siren.
    Before the update has been installed, PCR transfer (both server and bluetooth) will be automatically disabled until the device has been updated.
    Users will be promoted with a notice soon after logging in.
    All other Siren functions will continue. At 6am the new version can installed and Siren will be live.

if you require any further information, please email: EEAST.GPConnect@eastamb.nhs.uk





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