Equality is a journey not a destination

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The Equality Diversity and Inclusion team are proud to celebrate their success in delivering EDI Training modules to hundreds of members of staff within EEAST. 

Our training was launched June 2020 and is continuing to be very popular amongst staff.  The training takes participants on an Equality journey where, through interactive exercises, they gain an understanding of the basic principles laid down by the Equality Act 2010.  They also gain understanding of unconscious bias, different types of discrimination as well as ways to support staff through the different networks.

Making a Difference through training

Equality is all about accepting that we are all different, but equal.  Our Equality, ‘made simple’ training series gives participants the foundation needed to enable them to support their work colleague, clients’ and service users.  The training has also been designed to give staff the awareness needed in creating an all-inclusive culture.   Through interactive exercises, participants learn what constitutes discrimination and unconscious bias. Through raised awareness, participants are able to encourage others and themselves to create a culture of acceptance, respect, understanding as well as celebrating differences.

  • Getting to know your diverse networks within EEAST

This module has been designed to familiarise managers in relation to the different diversity networks within EEAST and how they can help to build a culture of inclusiveness.  After the training, managers become aware of the work of the Diversity Support Networks and how they can help to advance equality and diversity within the Trust.  The networks also support the Trust in creating a workplace of inclusiveness where differences are celebrated. Participants gain a better understanding on the important role played by the networks in helping to better connect with our workforce and the communities we service.

  • Disability Awareness Training

The Equality Act 2010 describes disability as a physical or a mental condition which has a substantial and long-term impact on a person’s ability to do normal day to day activities. Our Disability Awareness Training is open to all employees to help them gain an understanding on what constitutes disability discrimination and how they can support their staff and colleagues.  The training helps participants create a culture of understanding and respect and helps them understand the challenges faced by those with disabilities and what they can do to support them.

The following EDI modules can be booked via Evolve.

  • Equality Made Simple
  • Getting to Know your Diverse Networks
  • Disability Awareness Training

For further information please contact the EDI Team:  EDI@eastamb.nhs.uk


Navrita Atwal – EDI Manager

Amanda Marsh – Senior EDI Advisor

Sonya Bhania – EDI Advisor

Nicky Parry – EDI Administrator

Published 11th May 2021