Essex couple reunited with life-saving ambulance crew

Sian Carney and Mark Jones with Derek and Philipa Jenkinson

A man from Basildon has been reunited with the crew from EEAST who saved his life after he experienced a cardiac arrest.

Back in May, ambulance crew members, Sian Carney, Paramedic, and Mark Jones, Apprentice Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) were sent to help a man in his 70s who was experiencing chest pain.

Upon arrival they met Derek Jenkinson who had been having some chest pain and feeling faint for around two hours before calling 999.  Prior to this event, Derek had been fit and healthy with no previous heart problems or medication prescribed to him.

The crew assessed Derek and his electrocardiogram (ECG) showed that he was having an inferior myocardial infarction (MI) and needed immediate transport to The Essex Cardiothoracic Centre at Basildon University Hospital.

Sian and Mark started treatment immediately, phoning ahead to Basildon University Hospital to alert them to Derek’s condition and that they were on their way to the Cardiothoracic Centre.

As they got Derek settled onto the stretcher trolley and into the ambulance, he suddenly became unresponsive and went into a cardiac arrest.

The defibrillator pads were applied and they started chest compressions. After just one shock and two minutes of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), Derek was resuscitated and became alert and responsive again.

They rapidly transported Derek to hospital where he was successfully treated by their cardiothoracic team.

Sian and Mark visited Derek in hospital the following day to find him sitting up in bed and talking with friends.

Sian said: “We were both very happy to see Derek recovering so well and to know that we were the difference between life and death for him was overwhelming.”

This month (October) Derek Jenkinson, and his wife Philippa Jenkinson-Dines, were invited to Basildon ambulance station to reunite with Sian and Mark, and to personally thank them for their life-saving actions.

Published 14th October 2019

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