ETO’s increase Immersive Learning Sessions

Blurred ambulance

Immersive learning or learning through scenarios is a really valuable tool in clinical education. The Education & Training Officers (ETOs) are continually improving the quality of education by incorporating this type of teaching into our curriculum. Recently ETOs have been roller skating around giant hearts drawn in car park to demonstrate coronary blood supply or asking learners to wear swimming caps to draw and better understand the complex anatomy of the brain.   

This week, in order to improve our learner’s appreciation of the difficulties faced by patients with neurological impairments, the Education & Training Officers have developed an innovative way of teaching a dementia sessions.

Using blurred masks, large gloves, ear plugs or loud noises they created immersive scenarios that allowed our learners to experience first-hand, some of the challenges faced by this patient group. Simple tasks like opening a bag or finding an item became really difficult and following instructions when it is difficult to hear them added another layer of anxiety.

The learners all felt these sessions really opened their eyes to the difficulties faced by some of our most vulnerable patients and changed the way they would approach this patient group.

 Chris McGregor – Head of Education & Training Delivery (interim)

Published 8th September 2020

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