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A review into student accommodation and travel has led to an agreement that all students will be allocated operational division before their commencement date.

Via the SFP, elected UNISON representatives Michael Whitcombe and Graham Hillman have ensured this will be allocated as their nominated base whilst in training and students can claim mileage travelled in excess of the home to agreed work-base-return journey.

Mileage will be paid at standard rate, as stated in Table 7, section 17 of National Terms and Conditions (currently 56 pence per mile at November 2018).

Please note when using vehicles in the performance of your duties you must ensure you possess a valid driving licence, MOT certificate and motor insurance which covers business travel, that you are fit to drive and drive safely, and that you obey the relevant laws e.g. speed limits. You must inform the Trust if there is a change in status, as soon as possible.

For accommodation, if the journey time is in excess of one hours’ travel time, using www.viamichelin.co.uk as the journey prediction time, then students can claim a contribution towards accommodation of up to £55per night Monday to Thursday for the duration of clinical/driving training courses. In addition, a subsistence allowance of up to £20.00 per night (24-hour period) can be claimed for an evening meal on provision of receipts.

Expenses for travel and accommodation should be made by completing the Trust’s Mileage and Subsistence claim form available from East24, verified by training and authorised by the Leading Operations Manager (LOM). Please note if you do not provide receipts you will not be reimbursed.

This will apply to current students and those who have started within three months of this statement, in accordance with the Trust’s Business Travel Policy section 13.6. This notice aligns to national Terms and Conditions and supersedes any previous local agreement.

Published 21st December 2018

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