Experienced nurses to join EEAST

Ambulance nurses to join EEAST

Nurses with experience of Accident and Emergency (A&E) and critical care, are being recruited for training in frontline ambulance service roles, as part of a new pilot project being carried out in Hertfordshire.

Adverts seeking nurses, with at least 18 months' experience, to transition from their A&E, critical care or medical assessment unit backgrounds in hospitals, to the ambulance service as ambulance nurses, attracted more than 40 entries from around the region - nationally and from as far away as India and Dubai.

EEAST will be only the third ambulance service, to recruit nurses in this way. After 10 weeks' training, and six months' consolidation working with experienced crews, the nurses will be taking leading clinician roles (band 6) on ambulances (although they will not become paramedics, they will be registered nurses and deployed, as we currently deploy our paramedics).

General Manager of North & East Hertfordshire, Michelle Carr, who is leading the ambulance nurse project said: “Recruiting ambulance nurses will provide the Trust with a different staff group, which will improve and strengthen the care we are able to deliver to our patients and the experience we will learn from each other as a multi-disciplinary team.

“For nurses, this represents a new career path within the NHS, and a chance to use their existing skills, develop new ones and make a difference to patients’ lives, as part of EEAST.”

The first cohort, of between 12 and 18 ambulance nurses, are currently being selected and are expected to start training in February 2020.

Published 22nd November 2019

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