Extinguishers to be serviced

Fire Extinguisher

Chubb Fire will be servicing all of the fire extinguishers in EEAST before the end of January 2021.

If the engineers come and cannot gain access, we can be charged for a further visits, but more importantly our portable firefighting equipment will not be serviced at its recommended service interval.

We therefore are asking for your help to ensure that the engineers can access areas such as plant and boiler rooms that are normally locked (but which have fire extinguishers).

Unattended Stations can either leave access to the boiler room keys or remove the extinguishers from the non-accessible locations when they know the extinguisher service is imminent. 

The local staff can then return the extinguishers to the non-accessible areas once they have been serviced. 

If you have responsibility for an area or building such as this and would like to know more, please contact the Fire Safety Manager, Roy Gray.


Published 17th December 2020