Vigilance urged as criminal gang targets NHS properties

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Staff are reminded that a criminal gang that targets  NHS properties is operating in Norfolk and Suffolk areas.

The 'Coventry Falcons' are a criminal gang that target all sectors including NHS premises. 
They typically target personal belongings, laptops etc. They have been active for many years and have approximately 200 members. 

There have been incidents in Suffolk and recently in the NNUH where this gang have entered a NHS building and stolen handbags, NHS property etc. These buildings have included Acute Hospitals, Community Hospitals and GP Practices.

Commonly gang members wear an NHS lanyard and enter restricted areas by tailgating staff through secure doors; they easily appear to be NHS employees.

Incidents in Suffolk have mainly included stolen handbags/purses of female staff.
The member of staff receives a phone call supposedly from their bank/building society stating that unusual activity has been noticed on their credit/debit card. The member of staff is asked for details of recent transactions (which the thief has details of from the stolen items).

The staff member then realises that their handbag / purse is missing and panics.  The member of staff is then told that the best action is to put a stop on the debit / credit card and asks for the PIN number. In a panic state it is not unusual for the member of staff to give this information.


The thief then says it will take an hour or so for this to be completed. During this time money is then withdrawn from the bank / building society accounts; in some cases this has been thousands of pounds.

Recommendations (where practical)

  • take minimal valuable personal items to work
  • Lock personal items away
  • Keep personal belongings out of sight
  • ALWAYS carry your ID badge with you
  • Challenge unknown persons and ask for ID
  • Beware of tailgating
  • NEVER give your PIN number to anyone
  • Report suspicious activity to the Police

Published 24th December 2019

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