FBU strikes from Saturday

Ambulance and fire services

The Fire Brigade Union (FBU) is planning a series of strikes over eight days, starting from Saturday (9th August).

The strikes will take place on the following dates:

Saturday, August 9: 12 - 2pm
Saturday, August 9: 10.59 – 11.59pm
Sunday, August 10: 12 - 2pm
Sunday, August 10: 10.59 – 11.59pm
Monday, August 11: 12 - 2pm
Monday, August 11: 10.59 – 11.59pm
Tuesday, August 12: 12 - 2pm
Tuesday, August 12: 10.59 - 11.59pm
Wednesday, August 13: 12 - 2pm
Wednesday, August 13: 10.59 - 11.59pm
Thursday, August 14: 12 – 2pm
Thursday, August 14: 10.59 - 11.59pm
Friday, August 15: 12 - 2pm
Friday, August 15: 10.59 - 11.59pm
Saturday, August 16: 12 - 2pm
Saturday, August 16: 10.59pm - 11.59pm

We understand that fire services will continue to answer 999 calls during the industrial action and ensure continued emergency cover for all life-threatening incidents, using fully trained staff.

Whilst this action should not have an adverse impact on our normal operations, please be aware that there could be delays in a response should you require fire service assistance with a patient.

We will deploy an EEAST manager to any incident which the fire and rescue service are requested to attend, to act as a scene liaison officer and ensure the welfare of our crews on scene.

In the event of a major incident occurring during industrial action, it is anticipated the fire and rescue strike will be cut with immediate effect.

Any updates will be published here on the Need to Know site so please check back regularly.

Published 7th August 2014 

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