Field Safety Notice – Gravity Infusion Sets and Connectors

Ambulance side shot

A recent Field Safety Notice (FSN) has been released by Becton Dickinson (BD) relating to a concern about the sterility of several the product lines which they supply. This affects gravity infusion sets, connectors, and infusion sets. This was due to a third-party error which has been identified as possibly being an issue as far back as 2016. The FSN is gathering some attention in the UK and worldwide and therefore you may see it from other sources.

The supplies team and patient safety team has confirmed that EEAST does not stock any of the affected product lines. However, it is expected that this will have a significant impact on other healthcare providers in the region.

Work is currently being carried out to risk assess the impact of immediately withdrawing the affected products at providers who are affected. We will be notified if we are requested to provide mutual aid, and the Trust will need to undertake its own risk assessment to be able to do this.

Therefore, at this stage, please continue to use our giving sets and connectors as you usually would and please do not provide other organisations with any Trust equipment or consumables. The Trust will centrally coordinate mutual aid as requested and once deemed safe to do so.

The full Field Safety Notice can be read below.

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Published 14th March 2021