Financial controls tighten at start of 2019-20

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At the end of the 2018-19 financial year, the Trust is facing a deficit of £3million. This is despite additional investment a year ago from our commissioners, following the Independent Service Review (ISR). 

As we begin the new financial year for 2019-2020, we have calculated that we will need an extra £5million above ISR funding. Again, this is despite the fact we have received extra income from our commissioners.

As a result, our regulators have requested that we work hard to stay within the funds we have. Everyone within the Trust needs to ensure that we spend our money as carefully as possible.

You must make sure that you:

  • Plan ahead to gain the approvals needed
  • Are familiar with the Trust’s Standard Financial Instructions (SFIs) and Scheme of Delegation
  • Ensure that your manager is aware of and approves any planned spend
  • Speak to procurement in advance regarding your needs so they can provide proactive support.

We have put in place some further controls over our expenditure and everyone is expected to work within these. These include:

  • Vacancy controls
  • Agency staff
  • Consultancy and professional fees
  • All non-pay requisitions
  • Stationery orders
  • Hotels, courses and travelling
  • Stock control
  • Fuel
  • Private ambulance services
  • Catering
  • Engage procurement early
  • Staff contractual documentation and timesheets.

All requests to fill vacant posts, recruit agency staff and to order goods or services are being overseen by the Executive Leadership Board.

For full details, please read the PDF guide below. If you have any further queries, Finance or Procurement will be happy to help.

Published 18th April 2019

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