Five reasons to reduce carbon at EEAST

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We all need to do our bit to reduce carbon at the Trust, so here are the reasons why you should:

1. You can make a massive difference – and there are lots of ways you can do it. At most people’s favourite time of the day – logging off and going home – remember how you can minimise energy wastage. A computer and monitor left on 24 hours a day will cost around £45 a year. Switching them off when you leave and enabling standby features could reduce this to less than £10 a year and prolong the lifespan of equipment. Every member of staff can make a difference in saving energy.

2. It helps the world we live in. Do you love your home village, town or city, somewhere in the UK or further afield?  The availability of resources such as water and oil is a serious, global concern. As demand grows, supply will not easily keep pace. Let’s keep the places we love and make sure they will last for our lifetime at least. 

3. You are probably great at being green at home; switching off electrical items, recycling your cardboard and plastic and monitoring the heating so keep in mind those green inclinations and replicate them at work!

4. Energy is one of the largest controllable overheads in offices and stations, which means there are many opportunities to make savings. Office equipment is the fastest growing energy user in the business world; the electricity it consumes represents 15% of total energy consumption in offices. This figure is expected to double by 2020. As most equipment is often left on when not being used, there are opportunities to make significant savings which can be used to reinvest in frontline staffing.

5. It’s easy!

If you have any ideas on how the Trust can be greener, please suggest them using the comments section below.

Published 24th May 2015 

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