Fleetwave - revised process for logging vehicle defects

AFAs cleaning ambulance

As of Monday 1st June at 0700 hours PVSH will go live with Fleetwave as a supportive operational tool to help produce a quicker turn around on repairs.

This will mean that crews booking out of service with vehicle and equipment defects may be contacted by PVSH to ask more questions (depending on the information recorded in the downtime notes on the initial request).

The PVSH team will report equipment defects and out-of-service relating to fleet directly onto Fleetwave to support the fleet team to maintain oversight on all defects and workshops.
This will facilitate repairs and help produce a quicker turn around on repairs by organising the vehicle’s movement to the best suited workshop depending on the fault, workload etc.

With PVSH using Fleetwave to input all defects, all reporting (Power BI Dashboards), will be automatically updated and be able to give accurate real-time information to the whole Trust.
Using the system in this way will ensure that all staff are able to easily report and return to service quickly and efficiently, lowering the negative impact on patient facing hours.
PVSH will be responsible for documenting the reporting of all vehicle defects and some equipment defects in a single point of entry (Fleetwave),
This will mean that there will be no ‘missed’ reporting of defects to Fleet and vehicle defects will be able to be managed in a more timely manner.

In the future we will move to a position that will enable fleet to install proactive repairs to vehicles where any trends appear (e.g. excessive wearing on brake pads) during service time to anticipate any defects and reduce the possibility of VOR’s while vehicle is in use.

Published 29th May 2020

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