Florence and the Informatics

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Florence Nightingale was born on 12th May 1820, so this Tuesday will mark the 200th anniversary her birth.

Florence became famous as “The Lady with the lamp” during the Crimean War, and many (most) people assume she was a famous nurse.

She was in fact also a statistician – the first female member of the Royal Statistical Society, and a manager/trainer of nurses who applied her findings to save large numbers of lives.

She observed and analysed a widely-practised activity – nursing – and used data to understand what was really happening to patients. She used her data-insights to drive changes. Those changes saved lives, by improving hygiene, patient-care and outcomes.

The East of England Ambulance Service Trust (EEAST) has its own number-crunching Nightingales: the Informatics department.

Over the past 12 months we’ve implemented Microsoft Power Bi (Business Intelligence ) to generate performance insights from our emergency and patient transport service data.

EEAST has been a leader in using this technology in the NHS and we have shared our findings with colleagues in NHS England.

Microsoft Power BI gives the user the ability to slice the data in the report to a specific geographical area or date range so the users can gain more valuable insights into the data.

The Informatics team have also:

  • implemented self-service reports for internal managers so they can readily visualise the key performance indicators from their desk or their mobile phones.
  • introduced live (2min refresh) wallboards which can be accessed on-the-go from mobile phones or tablets.
  • worked with colleagues in IT to move GRS into the Azure Cloud, enabling a more reliable and easily accessible front end for the staff.

Next steps for Informatics

  • Introducing a data lake which can house information from across all the departments in the Trust. This will enable more efficient data collection and report production for the whole of the organisation.
  • Rolling out Power BI premium - enabling external parties access to our reporting. This will enable the Informatics team to reduce more of their manually produced reports to free up valuable analyst time to work on more business intelligence for the organisation.

Published 11th May 2020

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