Free anxiety and sleep apps for NHS staff

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Many people are currently struggling with anxiety or finding it difficult to sleep. If this is something you suffer from then you’re not alone, and the good news is that two free apps are now available for NHS staff which could help to tackle this.

During March, Big Health is offering one year of free access to two different Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) programmes, Daylight and Sleepio, for all NHS staff who sign up before the end of the month (31st March 2021). 

Daylight is a smartphone-based app that provides help to people experiencing symptoms of worry and anxiety, using evidence-based CBT, voice and animation.

Click here to access the Daylight app

Sleepio is a clinically evidenced sleep improvement programme that is fully automated and highly personalised, using CBT to help improve poor sleep.

Click here to access the Sleepio app

All accounts will be live for one year from the point of registration (for example, if you sign up in March 2021 will have free access until March 2022).

Published 19th March 2021