Free research training opportunity


The Royal College of Physicians is running a pilot of a stand-alone research practice experience for 20 clinicians. The module will be accepted towards an upcoming new research credential as part of a Post Graduate Certificate. The cost would normally be £400 for this 6-month module but will be free of charge for participants of the pilot.

They are looking for clinicians, including Allied Health Professionals (AHPs), who have not followed a clinical academic training pathway and now wish to be involved in clinical research.

Applicants should have been in the workforce for a number of years but not having the opportunity to be research active during this time. They should be at a point in their career where they are ready to expand what they do and are looking for a change in emphasis or focus, and have time to complete the module (approx. 200 hours) over the next six months

The closing date for applications is 11 June 2021

For further information and application form visit: Would you like to get involved in research but don’t know how to start? | RCP London 


Published 19 May 2021