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Freedom to speak up OPT

One of my responsibilities is supporting and championing Freedom to Speak Up and since its inception within the Trust in 2016, we have had two Guardians, Simon Chase and Anna Price, who have been undertaking and building the foundations around raising concerns. During this time, they have already helped over 100 staff, covering all areas and departments.

I, along with the Board, am truly thankful for the support Anna and Simon have provided to our staff and the national networks, whilst balancing their other roles within the Clinical Directorate.  The Trust are fully committed to speaking up and, as a result, I am extremely pleased to announce that Janice Scott has joined our Trust as the new full-time Freedom to Speak Up Guardian.  In addition, Mrunal Sisodia - the Non-Executive Director (NED), who recently joined the Trust Board, will complete the support network as the Named NED for Freedom to Speak Up.

Janice, Anna and Simon are currently handing over the active cases during August and this will enable Janice to complete her National Guardian training and complete her induction within the Trust.  Anna and Simon will formally step down from the Guardian role on 1st September, enabling Janice to be fully established and the point of contact accessing freedom to speak up, but both have informed me that they will always be advocates of freedom to speak up and wish Janice a warm welcome and full backing in undertaking this vital role.

Janice brings a wealth of experience with her to the Trust and has provided a small biog below as a way of an introduction to you.  Over the coming weeks, Janice will be looking to increase her awareness of the Trust (allowing for COVID-19 considerations) as she prepares for the National Speak Up month in October and I’m sure Janice will be providing more information over the coming weeks.

Finally, I wish to thank you all for the continued support you show our patients and one another - especially during COVID-19.  From time to time the values we hold will be tested and I, along with the Board, will strive to provide a just culture and understand the vital role Freedom to Speak Up offers.
Finally, I would like to signpost you to where you can access further information about the guardian role on the Trust intranet  http://east24/You-Matter/freedom-to-speak-up.htm or you can email direct.

Best wishes

Tom Davis
Medical Director

Hello and thank you for a lovely welcome into EEAST. I have spent the last 7 ½ years monitoring the quality of care in health and social care settings for older and vulnerable people and prior to that many years working and volunteering within Equalities, cohesion and inclusion roles. I have always advocated, engaged and supported people in a variety of settings to sensitively raise concerns and fully participate and contribute to making positive changes for their wellbeing and to provide a great service to the people they support so I am very happy to be in this position.

This role is truly independent and the information staff share is completely confidential. I encourage and welcome contact from any person working or volunteering in the Trust if you would like to discuss your role, find out more about what Freedom to Speak up is or discuss any concern you may have. My first week in the Trust has been great with everyone being kind and welcoming. It has also highlighted that we should not delay in raising something of concern. If you see, hear or feel something that does not feel right, safe or is “uncomfortable” please, please either speak to your Line Manager or contact me. I will be working hard to create a safe, supportive and listening environment where staff feel comfortable to open-up, so I look forward to meeting many more of you,

Thank you
Janice Scott



Published 13th August 2020

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