Fuel Cards – Important Information

EEAST RRVs and amb on scene

Following a large number of outstanding Fuel Payments and Intents to Pay in recent weeks, can we reiterate to all staff that that Applegreen Forecourts in particular do not accept Allstar Fuel cards. 

Any time an Intent to Pay is issued by Applegreens, the following occurs:

  • A  fee of a minimum of £12 is added.
  • If payment is not received within 7 days the ‘debt’ is handed over to a Debt Collection company, often incurring more fee’s.
  •  It is very important to note ; The liability is with the driver at the time of the transaction, meaning that any repercussions from the transactions lay solely with the member of staff not the trust.

Unfortunately, Applegreen do not accept payment via phone or online, meaning that a member of staff is then required to travel to the site to complete payment to stop further repercussions.

This all takes a large amount of time, money and effort for an avoidable event. 

Staff are asked to use the bulk fuel at station where ever possible (Please find attached) and to avoid smaller fuel stations as these tend to be the ones who will not accept Fuel Cards.

Below forecourts that DO accept Fuel cards:

  • Supermarket Forecourts e.g. Tesco / Sainsbury / Morrison’s Etc. These should be used as preference.
  • BP
  • Shell
  • Esso

Allstar provide a website and phone app that can advise on the closet approved forecourt:

Published 13th May 2019



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