Garage or bulk? Use the right fuel

Blurred ambulance

As part of our goal to reinvest funding into frontline staffing and make savings across the Trust, we would urge you to utilise bulk fuel at ambulance stations as much as possible. 

If you do fill up at a garage, please do not use the premium fuels as they cost the Trust a significant additional sum; in the last quarter £55,000 was spent on premium fuel, which is on average around at least 10-15p more per litre than regular fuel. This is money that we now cannot invest in the frontline.

The chart below highlights the percentages of bulk fuel use against retail fuel by fuel depot area, in the last three months.

Each occasion makes a small difference but the cumulative difference runs into thousands of pounds which would be better used for supporting both you and our patients.

The Trust has now published a standard operating instruction about the TriScan bulk fuel tanks; please take the time to read this as it contains information on drawing fuel, lost and damaged cards, ordering fuel, and delivering fuel.

 Published 22nd July 2014

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